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Immerse yourself in a pioneering way to visualise and design your new double-glazing windows and doors with our state-of-the-art technology. Effortlessly explore and tailor styles, handles, colours, and glass options.

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Decades of Expertise

Our 30+ years of industry experience ensures your home is in seasoned hands.

10 Year Guarantee

We offer peace of mind with our robust 10-year guarantee, underlining our confidence in our product quality and installation proficiency.

Member of DGCOS

Our membership with DGCOS asserts our commitment to trust, confidence, and adherence to the highest industry standards and consumer protection.

Flexible Finance Options

Empower your choices with our varied, customer-friendly finance options, including 2 Years Interest-Free Credit*

Why Make Hometec UK Your Choice for Windows and More?

Choose Hometec UK for a perfect blend of functionality and elegance in your windows. Our precise designs, carved from premium materials, promise not only aesthetic appeal but also unbeatable durability and security. Trust in our seasoned expertise to deliver meticulously crafted and installed windows that amplify and safeguard your living space, aligning flawlessly with your style and requirements. At Hometec, we bring beauty and robust design into every aspect of your home.

Experience Unparalleled Customisation with Hometec Windows

Explore windows crafted to your unique dimensions and aesthetic preferences, ensuring an impeccable fit for your home. From a vast palette of designs, colours, and finishes to a variety of materials and glazing options, your choices are abundant yet consistently premium in quality. Whether you choose UPVC, Aluminium, Double or Triple Glazing, Hometec guarantees supreme quality in every selection

Experience the Advantages Firsthand!

Elevate Your Home with EnergyPlus - Setting Unrivalled Standards in Energy Efficiency!

Opt for our 'A++' rated windows - surpassing industry standards and outperforming competitors to bring you unparalleled benefits. Embrace a home that's not only warmer and quieter but also economical by reducing your energy bills. Our meticulously crafted windows are your barrier against the elements, a shield against condensation, and your silent partner in enhancing sound insulation. Experience a discernible difference with EnergyPlus!

Uncompromised Safety & Robust Security with Hometec!

Ensuring your home remains an impenetrable sanctuary, our windows are meticulously designed, rigorously tested, and certified to exceed the pinnacle of security standards. Not only do our components endure a battery of tests, guaranteeing they remain resilient even with robust use, but our adherence to PAS24:2012 also provides an accredited assurance that every single component is subjected to stringent testing, ensuring enhanced security performance. Furthermore, our commitment to your safety is underpinned by the Secured by Design status—a police-backed initiative ensuring that our products aren’t just designed with security in mind; they’re heralded for exceptional security features, meeting the rigorous standards set by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Your peace of mind is paramount with Hometec’s steadfast security.

Experience Tranquility with Our Noise-Reducing Windows!

Navigate through the rising tide of sound pollution with Hometec's superior window solutions. Disturbances from bustling traffic, lively neighbours, or ambient noises no longer need to infiltrate your peaceful moments or restful slumbers. Our double and triple-glazed windows and doors are crafted not just with insulating your home in mind, but also with a keen emphasis on soundproofing, providing you a serene interior regardless of the exterior chaos. Opt for our specially designed acoustic glass and usher your home into an era of unparalleled quietude and calm.

Explore a Vast Array of Customisable Options!

Colour Finish Options

Embrace a spectrum of possibilities with Hometec UK’s windows, not confined to standard white. Personalise your windows to harmoniously blend with your home's style and colour scheme. Our stock colours are adeptly foiled during the manufacturing process of the profile, ensuring a seamless, durable finish that enhances your home's aesthetic appeal while maintaining our steadfast commitment
to quality.

Tailor-Made Colour Choices with Special Options

Elevate the aesthetic of your home with Hometec UK by selecting beyond our stock colours. Utilize our special order options, ensuring your windows truly complement your style. The innovative Kolorbond molecular cross bond process expands your colour spectrum to all standard RAL and BS colours, applicable to uPVC window frames, doors, conservatories, and fascias. Not only guaranteed to steadfastly adhere to the plastic but also to offer exceptional colour stability and UV resistance. Additionally, explore our unique order foiling options for an extra dash of bespoke elegance.

Grasp Elegance: Customise with Our Handle Choices

Embrace a selection that speaks to your style and complements your windows perfectly. At Hometec UK, we curate a range of handles that harmoniously blend security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Designed for enduring quality and seamless operation, our handles are available in a spectrum of colours and finishes to either match or create a striking contrast with our uPVC products. Choose from our straight or cranked styles and add that finishing touch to your windows

Distinctive Window Designs for Your Unique Home

Refined Casement Windows Tailored for You

Elevate your home with Hometec's bespoke casement windows, meticulously crafted to mirror your specific needs and aesthetic desires. We initiate our process with a personalized consultation, ensuring your windows reflect the unique character and style of your property. Our casement windows, embodying a harmonious blend of utmost security and thoughtful design, seamlessly compliment both classic and contemporary home styles. Enjoy limitless options in colour, finish, and detail, while the modern styling of our uPVC windows ensures slim frames, bountiful natural light, and an unobstructed view of the world beyond your sill. Choose Hometec, where your vision is transformed into architectural excellence.

Elegance Defined with Georgian Windows

Experience timeless beauty with Hometec's Georgian and astragal style windows, expertly designed to encapsulate the quaint charm of traditional cottage aesthetics. Our Georgian double-glazed windows present a sophisticated silhouette with an internal bar, simulating the appearance of separate sealed units from afar, effortlessly blending stylish traditional visuals with an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance finish. The Astragal Georgian variant elevates this classic design, replicating authentic timber windows by merging spacer bars between the glass with externally raised bars, providing a truly authentic cottage look. This astute attention to detail and homage to classic design makes our Georgian window ranges particularly popular among owners of vintage and period-style properties, bridging the gap between traditional charm and modern functionality seamlessly. Choose Hometec, where heritage and innovation converge.

Classic Charm Meets Modern Elegance with Horned Sash Windows

Embrace the perfect blend of classic charm and contemporary convenience with our horned sash windows at Hometec. Distinguished by the ornate 'horn' detail on the opening profile, our uPVC horned sash windows deliver aesthetic elegance without compromising on modern functionalities. Benefit from a vast array of frame finishes and colour options, eliminating the need for painting and ensuring minimal maintenance. Not only are all our windows double glazed, enhancing thermal insulation for reduced energy bills and decreased external noise intrusion, but they are also fitted with top-tier security accessories, including the latest key locks and shoot bolts. Hometec: where timeless design and modern practicality harmonise effortlessly.

Embrace Time-Honoured Elegance with Modern Sliding Sash Windows

Immerse your home in the timeless appeal of Georgian sliding sash windows, now reimagined by Hometec with a modern twist. While traditionally adored for centuries for their classic design, original sliding sash windows often fell short in providing optimum insulation and security. Our contemporary versions, crafted meticulously from durable uPVC or sleek aluminium, preserve the beloved aesthetic while impeccably addressing the former vulnerabilities to draughts, leaks, and security concerns. Elevate your home’s charm and functional efficiency with Hometec’s sliding sash windows, where vintage allure and modern proficiency harmoniously coexist.

Enhance Your Home's Aesthetic with Leaded & Decorative Windows

Elevate your home’s charm with Hometec's exquisite leaded and decorative windows, seamlessly blending traditional elegance with modern utility. Leaded windows, deeply embedded in English Heritage, serve as a timeless architectural accent, imparting a unique character to properties of all ages. Although contemporary lead designs are primarily aesthetic, their enduring appeal effortlessly enriches any space. Hometec offers a diverse selection of leaded window designs, ensuring a harmonious fit with your existing aesthetics, and presents two distinct lead colour options - classic silver and an antique finish for a matured appearance. Enjoy the ease of upkeep and superior insulation provided by our modern uPVC windows, paired with the timeless grace of leaded designs, ensuring your home remains both charming and efficiently insulated.

Illuminate Your Space with Bay and Bow Windows

Embrace luminosity with our bespoke Bay and Bow windows, expertly designed to flood your home with natural light while offering an expanded view of the outdoors. Our tailored solutions, available in various styles and colours, ensure you find the perfect match to complement your aesthetic. Hometec’s Bay and Bow windows stand unparalleled in the market, providing a spectrum of features and benefits to suit every need. The ultra-slim frames not only elevate the influx of natural light but also extend your field of view, seamlessly blending functionality with sophistication. Add a personalised touch with our myriad design enhancements, including leaded glass, Georgian or astragal bars, and decorative sash horns. Additionally, our team can craft decorative glass fanlights to harmonise with existing designs—speak with our sales team for expert guidance.

Versatile and Stylish Tilt & Turn Windows

Explore innovative window solutions with our double-glazed Tilt & Turn windows, offering not only practicality but also a wealth of design possibilities. Choose from an extensive array of colour finishes, profiles, textures, and styles to curate a look that is uniquely yours. At Hometec, every Tilt & Turn window is meticulously crafted to your precise specifications. We initiate the process by understanding the character of your property and your specific glazing preferences and requirements. Subsequently, we design Tilt & Turn windows that align seamlessly with your needs, combining thoughtful engineering with tailored aesthetics.

Tailor-Made Shaped Windows for Unique Aesthetics

Embark on a journey of distinctive design with our Shaped Windows, granting you unparalleled choice in every form and size, distinctively setting us apart from our competitors. Our UK-based workshops meticulously design and construct your windows, ensuring they are perfectly crafted to enhance your home’s aesthetic. Our adept craftsmen and expert installers eagerly embrace the challenge of placing your uniquely crafted shaped windows virtually anywhere within your space. Like our standard window range, your bespoke shaped windows can be curated from an almost endless selection of colour finishes, profiles, textures, and styles, crafting the exact look you desire.

Innovative Bifold Windows for Dynamic Spaces

Transform your spaces with our Bifold Windows, an infusion of style, and practicality, popularly utilized in conservatories and orangeries. Offering the capability to fully unfold one side of a room while preserving precious wall space for interior furnishings, these windows elevate your living experience. Notably, our UK-manufactured bi-fold windows do not merely serve as a passageway to exquisite views but also stand as a benchmark of high energy efficiency and stringent security standards. Available in a myriad of colours and pane options, they seamlessly blend with diverse architectural styles, ensuring a look that can oscillate between modern, contemporary, and traditional, thereby elevating every type
of building.

Sleek and Secure Aluminium Windows

Elevate your home aesthetics and security with our Classic Aluminium Window system. Specifically crafted for homeowners with a discerning eye, our windows blend impeccable warmth and a sleek design without compromising on the unmatched security you deserve. Opt for the finest, where innovation meets elegance, and make a statement with your home.

Sleek Elegance with Flush Windows

Introducing Flush Windows - where sophisticated sash design meets modern elegance. Seamlessly blending with both contemporary and traditional architectural styles, our flush sash windows offer a sleek, polished appearance, enhancing both your home's interior and exterior with refined aesthetics. Elevate your living space with this versatile design, marrying chic modernity with timeless sophistication, for a cohesive and upscale visual appeal. Opt for Flush Windows, and bring an understated, yet compelling allure to your home.

Meet Your Trustworthy Home Improvement Partners

At Hometec, our seasoned and friendly team, equipped with the industry’s premier products, guarantees your installation is of supreme quality. Your journey begins with valuable, straightforward advice and concludes with a double glazing installation expertly executed to the highest standards. Ensuring your enduring satisfaction is our commitment, promising not just superior products, but a seamless, professional service from start to finish.

Accredited DGCOS Member

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DGCOS has the backing of the peoples’ consumer champion, Nick Ross. It protects consumers against cowboy operators and it covers:

•Deposit Protection Insurance to guarantee any deposits you may pay

•Work in Progress Insurance

•10 year Guarantee on the quality of workmanship

•10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee to protect this guarantee

•A Compliance Certificate to ensure all installations meet with current relevant Building Regulations and much more……

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